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FFS a 14 year old boy's mom told the "authorities"? You missed my basic premise: They don't call promiscuous teenage girls "jailbait" for nothing. Or at least by ruling out all those statutory rape cases where the victim is over 12 and the age difference is less than 6 years or so. And this was almost 16 years ago. One of the homeless men in my town made a point of urinating in public for a year as a social protest. I am choosing to believe that over the horror of knowing you refer to yourself in the third person. Courts are more interested in the finality of their decisions than the correctness. First I note that a shapely woman in a tank top should not be immune from the consequences of her crimes. But i don't think that a 19 years old girl and even boy risk anything more than a warning for having sex with a 14 years old. teenage sax

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Crime Father of girl, 3, found dead near her home 'claims daughter died after choking on milk' Wesley Mathews initially told police his daughter Sherin had vanished when he told her to stand outside as punishment for not finishing her drink. Very serious business, that probably deserves a visit by the supreme court so we protect the innocent without turning the nation into a gulag. It's not the same. FTR, no I'm not saying it's different because she's a woman. A woman may know how to fight better than a man. Sex slave reveals full horror of ISIS barbarism during four years of terror in Syria Yazidi Zahra, 29, said Jihadis would slowly slit victim's throats and then hang their bodies on meat hooks "like they were animal carcasses". The original point of this thread was that women get off lighter than men when charged with the same crimes, and behold! University of Wisconsin Stabbed, beaten, garroted and two gloves shoved down her throat: Seriously, there are a TON of people Quo Usque Tandem 9. Individual cases should be investigated individually, and not prejudged.

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Kid Svensk (Eng Sub) [7/9] And this was almost 16 years ago. My mother would never have gone to the cops over that. I wanted to believe. And revise the laws for indecency to allow for someone who takes a leak in an alley from having to go on a sex offender's list with peppered with kiddie porn producers. But the "can't consent if drunk" rule wasn't in effect when this happened. However, a life-sentence for it on a sex offender registry is totally unjust. The only reason this is questionable is because the boy was 14 and she was The problem with the sex offense is the of people who be put on it. Individual women are frequently stronger than individual men. You know, seem pigs are more equal than others. The drtuber teenager eventually breaks the display and they triumphantly retrieved the inflatable sex doll, later wrapping it up before leaving. And revise the laws for indecency to allow shemale lisa someone drtuber takes a leak in an alley from having to go on a sex perfectgirla list with peppered with kiddie porn producers. It CAN be rape.

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