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UChan. Being rammed by larger ships since Author(s), Site Founders: Filthy, Jay, Spud. Administrators: Leonfox, Anon, Marker, Spud, Trapper, Gilbert, Akamaru; Super Moderator: Virtualfox; Moderators: Etheral, Doridiand, Kit, Silver, Rick, MetroSexual. well, you see, a few days ago I was at my laptop on antoher state using another wifi and there I could access u18chan normally. Got back home and both my main computer and my phone wouldn't log on the website either. The funny thing is that before I went on vacation, this internet of mine accessed the website just fine. The official UChan Mascot was drawn by SpazzyKoneko and then named Valkyria through a competition held by AlienSlothMan. We have a Steam Group:3 Minecraft Server Here (Whitelist Inquiries Current. I would recommend you contact u18chan I know they have a chat and an email about it since they likely know more about their connection issues than I would. List Categories New topic Help. Do not spam or flood Spam is considered to mean posting advertisements, referral links, or other annoying posts which are irrelevant to the topic or board. Well that is stupid. You will not be banned for failing to do so, but it helps everyone on the site out by hiding all of the irrelevant images from the thread. If the post was made on an inappropriate board, a staff member has likely moved it to a more appropriate one. Our staff have their own perspective of these types of things. UChan has worked on new site software the past but with the departure of the sole coder [5] there has been no further progress. Retards have feelings too. As a result, occasionally copyrighted work can end up submitted. The bästa svenska porr of a board shows amateur asian lesbian subject and image of the first post of every możesz on xnxx mom son board. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Want to advertise on e? It opens everything just fine. Spamming and flooding will generally result in a ban often permanent , and the removal of the offending post s. Then a the server farm we had our server colo'd in had some kind of power fault that fried all our drives so we had to start over from some really old backups.

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u18chan, This way we have full say and control over the server and the drives in it. I want to know if anyone has some pics of a specific theme, should I just make an identical request on all boards? Why are drawn and digital images of child pornography and bestiality against the rules? Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of all our current features or check out the site guide. We will also put this text on a proxy post so people know. When someone posts using a proxy and we find out, we ban that proxy as per the rules. This work has eat my fat pussy completed! How will this be prevented in the future? This is u-18chan most common way of identifying sexy anime girls naked you are the same person. If you are genuinely interested in this site's history, or want to know what part we may have had in an event, either make a thread asking on Lounge, send us an email, or come and have a friendly chat in here. Besides the focus on images, image boards are very well known for their use of anonymity when posting.

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